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Renewable energy sources

We are an advisory company specializing in the acquisition and development of investment projects (including renewable energy projects) at the request of investors. We have had a 15-year of experience in advising on the implementation of projects related to renewable energy sources.

We specialize in advising investors who are active in the photovoltaic sector. We provide a full range of advisory services aimed at acquiring and conducting the development processes for investment projects (wind, solar, biomass, water power plants).

The scope of services includes, among others:

    • Acquiring a land for projects, optimal from the investment point of view (optimal plots with areas larger than 1 ha of the 4th category or lower, not shaded and located close to the energy infrastructure);
    • preparation and submission of documents and applications for: environmental decision (DŚ), planning conditions (WZ);
    • ssuing environmental and planning permissions;
    • preparation and submission of documents and applications for the issuance of conditions for connection to the power grid;
    • obtaining a building permit.

According to the latest IEA (International Energy Agency) report, in 2021 another record was broken in increasing the power from renewable energy sources from photovoltaics – almost 290 gigawatts (GW) of new renewable energy was put into use – about 3% more than in the same period in 2020. Photovoltaics is responsible for more than half of the entire growth of renewable energy in 2021.
The total installed capacity of all electricity sources in Poland in October 2021 was 54.2 GW (conventional energy and renewable energy), of which approximately 15.7 GW is renewable energy (which accounts for 29%). Wind prevails in the structure of the installed capacity. In October 2021, the installed capacity of wind sources amounted to nearly 6.9 GW, which accounts for 44% of all renewable energy sources. Photovoltaics is the second largest source – the installed capacity is approximately 6.7 GW which is 42% of the capacity.