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Observing  growing turnover of investment goods and services on the international market, especially present on eastern markets, EKSI Finance has developed and successfully provides comprehensive advisory services supporting Polish exporters in the organization and implementation of export contracts and direct investments, including organizing their financing. Projects implemented by EKSI Finance in the field of export finance are of investment nature and mainly regard:

    • Construction / modernization of industrial facilities, e.g. sugar factories, wood processing plants, grain warehouses.
    • Construction / modernization of power plants, including conventional (coal), renewable energy – wind, hydro, biomass and photovoltaic
    • Construction / modernization of commercial real estate, e.g.  shopping and office centers, retail parks, hotels, logistics centers

Debt financing organized by Eksi Finance is offered by  Polish banks directly to a foreign Investor (usually SPV – Special Purpose Vehicle) or a foreign, local bank in order to finance an individual export contract. It is a very convenient way to finance an export / import transaction as it enables exporters to receive payments for delivered goods and services rendered immediately after presenting documents to the financing bank upon confirming full or partial performance of the contract. On the other hand, it enables importers (investors) to obtain, at competitive prices, long-term financing (up to 10 -14 years of repayment depending on the nature of the investment) of their capital needs. The total lending value is insured by Korporacja Ubezpieczeń Kredytów Eksportowych – KUKE SA.

EKSI Consulting advisers consulted project finance projects exceeding EUR 700 million. Most of them were carried out as part of the “Buyer’s Credit” financing program and covered the areas, among others, of Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary,  Thailand, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, Greece and Ghana.