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Outsourcing as a form of doing business in certain areas is experiencing, along with business cycles, waves of rapid growth of interest. For some it is a business fashion, for others it is a source of generating additional enterprise value.

EKSI Finance meets the niche outsourcing needs with unique experience in this field. For the needs of a global corporation, we provide documentation base management services related to production processes. The service consists of working in the client’s programming environment and acting as an external agent that is in constant relation with the client’s suppliers around the world.

The database, which is operated by EKSI consultants, covers over 150 thou documents. Due to the profile of our client’s activity (the so-called “pharmaceutical” quality standards in the field of production), this database is a key element of production and risk management in current operations. Our consultants constantly monitor the quality, correctness and timeliness of the documents provided by the suppliers of raw materials, conducting the process of continuous updating.

Based on the experience gained, we offer the opportunity to build a “tailor-made” team that will be prepared to provide a specific, niche service to our clients, thanks to which they will be relieved and will be able to focus on the development of the core business.