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EKSI Finance experts have been participating in the transformation of the Polish energy sector since the 1990s, taking part in both privatization processes (electricity production and distribution companies, but also district heating and heat production plants), as well as processes of reorganization and consolidation (creation and consolidation of energy groups). We have helped to create strategies for specific areas of interests and analyze investment projects. We have our part in the creation of the so-called Green Energy Market and in numerous projects related to renewable energy sources. We have experience in working for large corporations and energy holdings, as well as for smaller producers and investors in the renewable energy and heat energy sector.

The third decade of the 21st century poses new challenges for the Polish energy sector. Progressive decapitalization of production and transmission assets (electricity and heat), new environmental requirements, and above all the EU strategy entitled The European Green Deal is a key element influencing the reality of the Polish energy sector nowadays.

Using over twenty years of experience in the industry, we support our clients in a wide range of consulting projects, ranging from supporting investment processes, through the reorganization of capital groups, to help in building a strategy for further development in the context of changing environmental conditions.

A large part of our activity is currently related to the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) sector, the more so as the growing environmental requirements (legal regulations and CO2 emission costs) have a natural impact on shifting the burden of our clients’ interests towards “green” technologies and methods of production energy recognized as renewable energy.